Wynter Precision Arms is in its infancy. We've chosen the route of crowd-funding to help us grow.  Why?  Because we want our customers to know what they mean to us and that it is your generosity and patronage that will help us grow.  

Please, share us with your friends and co-workers. The quicker we meet our goal, the quicker we can get barrels made and out to our customers.  

Thank you.


We give our support.

07/30/2017 9:59am

Crowd-funding is one of the best strategies to use for businesses that are just starting out. There is nothing shameful about this because many businesses do this since most of them don't have enough capital to continue their operations. I agree that this is the most effective way you can ensure that your business will be able to be successful. I suggest that you work on your public image and reputation. People will not be interested in funding your business if they have no clue what your business is about. Start making campaigns and posters wherein you feature the best things about your business and you can opt to post in on your social media sites to save money since print advertisements are expensive.

06/19/2016 3:43am

Sure, I will support you! Nice post.

12/09/2016 1:39am

Have you met your goal? What are you doing now, guys! Want to heat some news from you!

05/08/2017 5:19am

I helped you to reach your goal! Have you had success with that?

05/22/2017 9:17am

Okay, I will tell my friends about this website. I am sure they will support you too!

05/26/2017 12:54pm

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06/21/2017 4:30am

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06/25/2017 8:34pm

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08/17/2017 10:09am

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