We are currently preparing a presentation on Indiegogo to set up a crowd funding site.  This has been a process, since we were going to initially use the Rockethub website.  Rockethub told us they were not taking on any projects in our category and to check back in a few months.  Of course they said this after we had taken all the time to create a presentation.  Well, I am not going to be told no, so it was time to move on to another site.  Indiegogo looks like it will be the one.  So check back soon to see how we are doing.


05/31/2017 2:19pm

Owner of the business wants to guideline for run the best business. Now many type of business course are available and we should learn it before start the business. In start we should invest the small investment.

06/03/2017 10:54am

These crowd funding things are very popular nowadays. And I can't understand why it is so.

06/30/2017 6:53am

After the evolution of Android device, Google Play store is only the app that is serving us till this day


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