So, I have been trying to find a drawing for the STOCK (basic) barrel for the AR-15.  Talking to Colt was like talking to a brick wall.  I found the MIL specs on-line which had an email address at the ARMY only to be told that they couldn't give out the drawings anymore.  Clearly, this is because of the whole fiasco with Colt and the M-4. So, now, I am back to square one on trying to figure out the dims for the AR-15 barrels.  What is irritating is that Colt let their patent rights lapse on it, yet they staunchly fight to keep people uninformed.. 

EDIT:  I decided to add more tonight.  I am also in the process of nailing down material costs, cost of machinery, and cost of a building.  Going to be talking to some of the contacts that I made at SHOT Show this week to see about travel plans in the near future.. Georgia, Maryland, and Virginia seem to be in my future.. Probably in late March, early April. 

Going to see the lawyer this week to start the ball rolling on a bunch of the legal stuff that needs to happen.  Also need to find an artist to sit down and work with my on my LOGO... Got something in mind already, just need the "TOUCH" as I call it to make it come to life.. 



11/03/2016 2:47pm

Can I check your drawing? I would like to take a look at it.

01/25/2017 12:01am

ts 2nd year results 2017


I can be that artist you're looking for! Write me, please, if you still need help with that!


For are your nearest plans? What places do you want to visit?


Why it's so hard to find this basic drawing? I don't get it, sorry.

09/19/2017 11:45pm

Learning English is fun. Welcome to Kampung Inggris, easly speaking in English.


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